Charmain has worked with many people to help improve their financial outlook, and to become more empowered to take control of their lives. Here are some of the comments from those who have benefitted from her advice and coaching sessions.

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The mentoring/coaching that I got from Charmain helped me to believe in myself producing videos and establishing an online presence. She really propelled me forward in terms of 'getting comfortable with the uncomfortable' having the belief and confidence to make myself more visible. Resistance was my defensive mechanism, but her consistent encouragement allowed me to trust the process.

Ashley London

After being coached by Charmain for 6 months, I found myself not only overcoming my debts as I had hoped, but became more comfortable around money, having it and when I was spending it too. I can finally feel as if I am in control of my life, assets and financial future again.

Harvey West Virginia
Finally understanding my spending habits again, I was able to take my business to the next step and find that my backers could trust me again because I wasn't bringing my bad spending habits in my personal life, into my business too.
Omar Birmingham

I get it I get I finally I get it. It all makes sense and when I applied her wisdom moves I saw the benefits and the changes in my business.

Marcia London

Feedback from Saving Money Tips

You can always see a bargain


RA Birmingham

I need you to live in my house, you would help keep me on the straight and narrow with my spending  - I'd be rich in no time

TP Nottingham

Oh my goodness that advice is so simple to follow

JB Portugal

Tell me again - how do you manage to make ends meet without over draft or credit card

VH Canada

You are so determined and focused when it comes to income generation

AO Nigeria/London